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Building a unique deck and how you use your outdoor space is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will your outdoor living space enhance the beauty of your Kansas City home, but it will also amplify its fiscal value and encourage you to take more staycations!

When most people think about a backyard deck, they envision a plain wooden square with railings and a few steps. While this is a standard deck design, the architecture of outdoor living spaces has become exceptionally creative over the years as deck builders are thinking outside the box.

Which of these unique deck designs suits your fancy?  

Mixed-materials Deck – Combining wood, or composite, with stone masonry is an exquisite look for Kansas City decks. Mixing wood and stone presents limitless possibilities. Due to the aesthetic nature of the design, adding a stone fireplace or fire pit to a wooden deck will give your outdoor living space a stunning appearance and will bring you year-round enjoyment. Consider including an outdoor kitchen or a stone masonry bar with a wooden countertop if you like to entertain. Your guests will be in awe!

Deck-Patio Combo – If you consider this practical design, incorporating Kansas City stone masonry will seamlessly marry the wooden deck and tile patio.

Tree-hugging Deck – If you’re a nature lover, this is the design for you! Building an outdoor living space sometimes requires that trees be cut down to make way for the desired size of the deck. However, when you take the trees into account when creating the blueprint for the design, you’ll discover there’s enough room for you and the original plant life. The tree will continue to grow and give thanks by providing shade during the brutal summer months. You can even adorn the tree with solar lights to add a soft ambiance to your outdoor living space.

When designing your tree-hugging deck, be sure to consider the ultimate diameter of the tree’s mature trunk, so you’re sure to provide enough space in the deck design for its growth potential. Consulting an arborist can be helpful.

Dining Deck – If you and your family enjoy eating outside or having dinner parties under the stars, you’ll get plenty of use from this deck design. A dining deck needs to be of substantial size to comfortably accommodate a large table and chairs, plus a grill or an outdoor kitchen. Some Kansas City homeowners have even added wet bars to their dining deck, while others have built Kansas City stone masonry pizza ovens!

When you’re dining outside, the sun and wind can be problematic. Building a pergola over the eating area will help block nature’s elements, so you can fully enjoy your meal in the fresh air.

Master Bedroom Deck – Building a deck off your main bedroom will surely increase the value of your home because there aren’t many houses that have this luxurious feature. Once your main bedroom deck is complete, adding soft lighting will make it the ideal place to meditate or relax with a good book before bedtime. If you’re hoping to add more romance to your life, incorporating tiki torches on your main bedroom deck will surely spark the passion you seek!

Layered Deck – A layered deck design will satisfy your creative spirit when you want an outdoor living space with substance and style. Having some sections of the deck off-level offers the opportunity to add embedded lighting, which will provide a relaxed ambiance and extra safety at night.

Destination Deck – It would make more sense to call this a Journey Deck because it embodies the saying, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” This deck design is still attached to the home, but the sitting area is at a distance, which provides space for creative landscaping such as a fountain, exotic plant specimens, or a koi pond. Integrating Kansas City stone masonry within this deck design will take it to a whole new level!

Having a destination deck comes in handy when you invite friends over and don’t want to disturb people enjoying quiet solitude inside the home.

Garden Path Deck – When you want your garden to be the focal point of your outdoor living space, this deck design is for you! You’ll be able to enjoy your landscaping from all angles as you’re walking on the decking boards just a few inches above the ground.

If you love flowering vines, adding a pergola to your garden path deck design will be an extraordinary final touch!

Deck with Enclosed Room – This unique deck design gives you the best of both worlds! Not only does it allow for outdoor enjoyment, but it also provides an enclosed space for a variety of purposes. It can be a bathroom/shower/changing area if you have a pool. It can also be a game room or artist studio! Homeowners who chose to build the enclosure with Kansas City stone masonry love its rugged look! No matter what your heart desires, designing an outdoor living space with an enclosed room has unlimited potential and flexibility.

Rustic Deck – If you’ve always wanted to live at a ski lodge or dude ranch, choosing to go with a rustic deck design will help you feel like you’re always on vacation!

Outdoor Living: Building on Imagination     

If you’re fantasizing about having a deck like no other, All-Weather Decks can make this happen.

If you’re like most Kansas City homeowners, you’re dreaming of a deck that satisfies all your whims and imagining an outdoor living space with a unique design that sets it apart from the rest. One beckons you to stay outside a little longer and gives you an excellent excuse to stay home more.

We at All Weather Decks want to hear about the unique details of your dream deck, so we can draw the blueprint that leads to its physical reality. Our expert deck installers have the skills to make this happen. Once the plans are set in motion, kick back and watch your one-of-a-kind deck materialize before your eyes!

If you’re ready to bring your imagination to life, All-Weather Decks is prepared to apply expert care to design the deck you’re picturing in your mind. Once we draw up the plans, we will move ahead with construction as soon as you let us know you’re confident about the intended results.

If you’re ready to add a deck that will increase the worth and splendor of your home, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contacts us online today! We’re the most decorated deck builders in Kansas City and are enthusiastic about helping you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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