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Springtime is finally upon us, and Kansas City homeowners are eager to start enjoying their outdoor living spaces without the burden of being bundled up.

Once you’re finished putting away your winter wardrobe, use the following suggestions to start planning how you’re going to dress up your deck to celebrate the season.

Nothing puts a spring in your step like a decorated deck, so hop to it!  

Decks in Kansas City always look fabulous this time of year as festive homeowners prep theirs for warm weather and all the outdoor fun that comes with it.

Relax Among Fresh Colored Linens

Revive your deck furniture by jazzing it up with new cushions and pillows bursting with color.

Pull your deck furniture ensemble together with other colorful linens. Springtime evenings are still chilly, so place a soft throw over the back of the couch or your favorite deck chair. If your outdoor living space has a cover, hang pastel-colored sheers to make your deck look dashing.

Hang Easter Eggs

Easter isn’t until April 17th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy decorating for the holiday right now.

Easter eggs are a universal symbol of the season. Give your outdoor living space a whimsical appearance by hanging colored plastic eggs from your deck’s railings and the surrounding trees. If you have a pergola, they’ll look spectacular dangling from the trellis top and headers.

If you’re having a party on your deck, hold a fun Easter egg hunt! Use a Sharpie to write a number on the egg-citing decorations, then have your guests pick a number from an Easter basket. They’ll have a ball wandering around your outdoor living space in search of the egg that matches their number to discover what’s hidden inside.

Festive Garland Captures the Springtime Spirit

Decks in Kansas City are ready to celebrate the season when they have Easter bunny garland swaying in the breeze.

Pops of Color in a Pot 

It does not spring without daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips! Placing pots of colorful blooms around your deck and on tabletops will make your outdoor living space come alive.

In the evening, your deck lighting will set the flowers aglow. Plant them in your landscape to enjoy next year when they’ve finished blooming.

Decks in Kansas City are Blooming with Springtime Style!        

Homeowners in Kansas City love decorating their decks to celebrate the end of winter. It doesn’t matter if they’re beautifying their outdoor living spaces with bright colors or muted pastels; their family and friends will adore the way they’ve brought life back to their deck.

We at All Weather Decks are delighted to welcome spring’s return and hope everyone has fun decorating their deck. To the Kansas City homeowners who don’t yet have a balcony, we’d love to get yours designed and installed, so you can enjoy celebrating the season with your very own outdoor living space.

There’s truly no downside to investing in a deck. It increases the value of your home, and you’ll love having a private place to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. All-Weather Decks can make this happen for you. We have a stellar reputation as the premier deck builder serving the Greater Kansas City area, and we’d appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss how we can improve your home and lifestyle. Check out our awards and reviews. They speak volumes about our quality and dedication.

If you’re ready to have a gorgeous deck to welcome every season or want to renovate your current outdoor living space, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today!  We’re here to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price.

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