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When you have little ones, it’s nearly impossible to relax and enjoy your outdoor living space when your deck isn’t kid friendly.

As parents of young children, there’s nothing more important than knowing your kids are safe and secure when they’re having fun in the backyard. However, just because you have a deck for them to romp around on doesn’t mean its current design is ideal for protecting your child from danger.

The experts at All Weather Decks understand the intricate details of kid-friendly deck designs. Whether you want to danger-proof your current deck or build a brand new kid-friendly outdoor living space, AWD professionals are excited to help you create a deck design that satisfies every parent’s dream. 


Have a deck the whole family can enjoy!           

The following features are important factors in kid-friendly deck designs, so children have a fun and safe place to play while parents relax and enjoy the outdoor living space free from worry. 

  1. Spacious Deck Design: When an outdoor living space has a wide open design, kids have room to play. Its expansive design easily fits a baby pool or large play mat. Older children will enjoy having the space for playing hopscotch after drawing on the decking boards with colorful chalk that will wash away when it rains.
  2. Wide Steps: Kid-friendly deck designs don’t have steep stairways for obvious reasons. Wide steps that are shallow in height are safer for children of all ages because they’re easier to navigate and eliminate lofty dangers.

If your deck is of considerable height, include landings in the stairway’s design. You can also decrease the height of your Kansas City deck while giving it eye-catching depth by designing it with multiple levels. 

  1. Gated Entry: If you have very young children or grandchildren and want to keep them away from steps altogether, designing your kid-friendly deck with a gated entry will put your mind at ease.

  1. Properly Spaced Railings: Toddlers and young children will often stick their heads between the bars of railings or attempt to squeeze their entire body through the bars. Such instances can lead to injuries. It doesn’t matter if your deck has vertical or horizontal railing bars, these types of catastrophes can be avoided by making sure they’re designed closer together.

You can also choose to design your Kansas City deck with glass paneled railings as an extra safety precaution.

  1. Shade: When you want to spend hours enjoying your dream deck with your kids, it’s important to have a place where everyone can get out of the sun. This is especially true in the summertime when scorching rays can make the decking boards broiling hot! Kansas City pergolas are perfect for adding shade to a kid-friendly deck.

Pergolas are ideal covers for a baby pool or play mat and stable enough to handle the weight of baby and child swings.   

  1. Outdoor Lighting: Incorporating lighting into your kid-friendly deck design is of the utmost importance because it ensures children can see tripping hazards and other dangers once the sun goes down.

7. Ground-level Design: If you want a kid-friendly deck that seamlessly merges with your backyard, a ground-level deck is safe for children of all ages. 

This is an excellent kid-friendly deck design because there’s little to no danger of injury from falling off the deck. Since it doesn’t require railings or steps, it’s very budget-friendly, which makes parents happy!


Kid Friendly Deck Designs Will Grow with Your Family       

Kid-friendly deck designs are essential for homeowners with young children or grandchildren. The experts of All Weather Decks are eager to help you choose the features that will enhance the safety and enjoyment of your outdoor living space long after the little ones have all grown up.

All Weather Decks is the decking contractor that Greater Kansas City area homeowners trust to design and build kid-friendly deck designs that grow with their family. Every deck we create is uniquely crafted to suit a customer’s needs while providing years of safe enjoyment.

As responsible decking contractors, it’s important that we mention how even the most carefully planned kid-friendly decks can be dangerous places for children if they aren’t properly supervised.

We care about the integrity of our work and believe that every Kansas City homeowner deserves to have a safe outdoor living space where their children can play. When one of our skilled designers visits your home, he or she will create a few different deck designs with transparent pricing, so you can choose the one that fits your family best. For example, if you know you want shade, they can draw up designs that feature different types of Kansas City pergolas to accurately demonstrate how it will look if all or just part of your deck is shaded. Once they’ve answered all your questions and you’ve made an informed decision about how you’d like to proceed, our skilled builders will begin the process of constructing a safe outdoor living space your whole family will love!   

If you’re ready to create an awesome kid-friendly deck your family will enjoy for several years, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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