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It can be tricky creating an inviting outdoor living space for small Kansas City backyards and little Olathe patios. However, with careful planning, it’s possible to maximize your available space with a strategically designed deck, so even your guests feel at home.  

Kansas City Deck Designs: Helping Tiny Olathe Patios Look Big             

The following deck designs make cramped backyards appear cozy and alluring.

Stretch Your Space Vertically with a Multilevel Deck

The layers of a multilevel deck design combine to maximize space as it presents independent areas that can be dedicated to activities such as cooking, dining, and family game nights. 

Create an Optical Illusion with a Pergola 


Small Olathe patios benefit greatly when a pergola is added. Due to the lofty height of the pergola, spatial depth is created that draws the eye upward to detract from the backyard’s small footprint.  

A Covered Enclosure Provides Privacy

Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice privacy. Enclosed Kansas City deck designs can transform Olathe patios on zero-lot lines into private retreats that can be enjoyed morning, noon, and night.

Three Season Splendor

If you love the idea of an enclosed Kansas City deck, but you’re on a budget, consider building a three-season room. Not only is this design practical and functional, but it’ll distract from the patio’s small size by making it appear larger.  

Once the design is sketched out, you may discover that your backyard still has room for a fire pit!

Built-in Seating

No matter which Kansas City deck design makes your heart skip a beat, be sure to include built-in seating as it’s the best way to maximize space. Even though your Olathe patio is no longer cluttered with chairs, there’s always a spot for unexpected guests to take a load off.

Break Barriers with Glass Railings

Homeowners with small Olathe patios are opting for glass railings over those made of wood or metal to create a more open and spacious feel. This allows uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape, making the deck appear larger than it is.

Brilliant Addition: Outdoor Lighting Provides Huge Benefits for Small Spaces

Maximize space and create a cozy ambiance by installing integrated outdoor lighting such as recessed deck lights or LED strip lights. Strategically placed lighting will keep the space illuminated for safety without cluttering the deck.

Strategic Deck Designs Make Little Olathe Patios a Big Deal           

By implementing the above Kansas City deck designs, you can maximize your small outdoor living space and transform it into a stylish and functional backyard retreat. You’ll be amazed at how your small Olathe patio is now a spacious and airy escape!

When you partner with the award-winning experts of All Weather Decks, we’ll visit your charming backyard and listen to your ideas and goals. We’ll then draw up a few designs for you to choose from. Once you’ve set your heart on one, our skilled builders will get to work on enhancing your small outdoor living space.   

If you’re ready to give your small Olathe patio a huge makeover, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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