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Ask anyone with a pool, and they’ll tell you it’s impossible to have a backyard oasis without a deck.

In addition to providing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, a deck is necessary to have around a pool because it keeps people from tracking dirt and grass into the water. Furthermore, if wood or concrete isn’t bordering the pool, the surrounding ground becomes a muddy mess.  

Safety and comfort are first and foremost!     

Before choosing your ultimate Kansas City pool deck design, you need to determine which construction material will make your outdoor living space a safe and healthy environment.

The ideal material for your pool deck will reduce the chances of someone slipping, resist mold and mildew, remain calm under the summer sun, and feel comfortable with bare feet and paws.

Now that you know how a pool deck should perform, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons of the available building materials. 


This durable material is a popular choice for Kansas City deck designs surrounding pools.   

Concrete pool decks are incredibly safe because they have a textured surface that makes them slip-resistant yet comfortable underfoot. Concrete is also a fun option because it can be colorized with dry-shake pigment and have patterns stamped into it.

Concrete pool decks are designed with a slope so water doesn’t collect. This is important for preventing mold and mildew growth.

Concrete pool decks are a safe design; however, they shrink during the curing process. When this happens, it causes tension in the slab. If the installer fails to add saw-cut control joints, unsightly cracks will develop.

The installer also needs to insert rebar throughout the concrete to prevent the slabs from becoming different heights over time as the ground settles beneath them, which can also cause trips and falls.  


Wooden decks are a popular choice for above-ground pools, but it’s not uncommon to see one featured around inground pools.

Wooden decks allow for unique Kansas City deck designs as they can be constructed with multiple levels. These decks are great for added convenience when built-in seating and storage compartments are included in the design.

Natural wood decks require annual maintenance, which can be a headache. Splinters are also a constant threat, so semi-annual sanding is recommended.


Composite material is great for Kansas City homeowners who desire a deck that requires very little maintenance. This decking material comes clean with just soap and water. Composite wood comes in several color choices if you want the deck to compliment your home. It’s also a breeze to repair as damaged pieces can be replaced.

While a composite deck saves you money in the long run because it requires little to no upkeep, the initial construction cost is high. Safety is also a concern because the decking boards can become quite slippery, so choose ones with a deep texture. When selecting a color, go with one that’s light-colored because composite can get hot under the sun.

Now that you have a good idea of which construction material will work best for your pool deck let the fun begin!

Which deck design will complete your backyard oasis?      

Make every day feel like a staycation when you incorporate one of these Kansas City deck designs into your outdoor living space.     

A Perfect Mix of Sun and Shade

 All-Weather Decks can build a covered wooden deck for your home overlooking your pool. This luxurious design allows you and your family to sunbathe while providing a space to escape into the shade. Homeowners who enjoy throwing parties will love how this deck design allows for year-round gatherings, even during inclement weather.

Pergolas and Pools are the Perfect Combinations

A pergola offers the ideal spot to relax in dappled sunlight for Kansas City homeowners who want a place to sit poolside. All-Weather Decks’ elite deck designers can even integrate stone masonry to provide more privacy and shield the area from wind and buffer noise. 

Pergolas are also great for people who want to add some greenery to their pool decks because they make it easy to decorate it with hanging baskets or grow a flowering vine up its posts.

Combine Concrete and Wood

Suppose you’re having difficulty deciding whether you want a concrete or wooden deck, no worries! You can have the best of both worlds. This unique Kansas City deck design can be constructed in layers, so your pool deck has depth and aesthetic appeal. You can even add etched tile to give your patio a distinctive slip-resistant look. 

Dry Off Beside a Crackling Fire

Kansas City homeowners who enjoy midnight swims will love drying off under the stars when they have a fire pit on their pool deck!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

These are just a few fantastic Kansas City deck designs to make your outdoor living space a stunning oasis.

The deck designers at All Weather Decks are excited to hear your ideas about all the features your dream deck will have to compliment your pool. Once you decide on the deck design that suits your needs, they’ll expertly incorporate lighting to make your outdoor living space extra safe and keep your pool shimmering into the late-night hours.

As with any home improvement project, it’s essential to consider a variety of deck designs, which we are happy to present and discuss.  We will only move ahead with construction once we know you feel confident with the intended results.

If you’re ready to create an outdoor living space that will make your home feel like a resort all year long, call us at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re the most deck-orated builders in the Greater Kansas City area and are enthusiastic about creating the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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