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With spring right around the corner, homeowners are considering how they can enhance their Kansas City wooden decks. While there are many ways to succeed at this endeavor, the experts at All Weather Decks have discovered that adding a pergola is the secret to maximizing outdoor living spaces.

Not only are pergolas functional and stylish, but they’re extremely versatile! There are unlimited uses for these sturdy structures. All that’s required is creativity and sound construction.

Kansas City Pergolas Offer Superior Function and Style  

Before we explore all the ways pergolas maximize outdoor living spaces, it’s important to note that their main function is to define the deck and patio zones. For example, you could have a dining area, a lounging alcove, or a cozy reading nook. No matter how you plan to use your pergola, you’ll love how it amplifies your outdoor living space by creating distinct sections that enhance its allure.    

Relax While Swinging in the Breeze

Imagine being showered in dappled sunlight created by a handsome pergola on your Kansas City wooden deck! This fantasy is easily obtained by hanging a bench swing, a hammock, or a couple of hammock chairs from the sturdy pergola.  

Enjoy an Evening Retreat in Your Own Backyard

Kansas City pergolas offer a perfect place to destress after a long day. Attaching outdoor lighting and curtains or sheers to the ends of the pergola’s crossbeams will offer ambiance and seclusion, so you can chill out in a special niche of your outdoor living space.

Secret Garden

Vertical gardens are growing in popularity and a pergola makes an ideal structure to achieve this magnificent display. Not only will your plant covered pergola offer privacy, but it will provide shade and shelter. The amount of coverage depends upon the types of vines you choose to grow. You can even achieve colorful elegance by hanging flower baskets from the crossbeams.

The Ultimate Party Place

Pergolas provide the ideal spot to entertain friends. By adding one of these structures to your Kansas City wooden deck, you can place a bar or outdoor kitchen beneath it, then complete the ensemble with comfy seating. When your friends are visiting, everyone will love gathering under the pergola to feast and be festive.

Hot Tub Heaven

When you’re ready to make your dream of having a hot tub in your own backyard a reality, plan on erecting a pergola over it. Not only will the pergola enhance the design and provide privacy, but it will allow you to hang solar lighting for safety during late night dips.  

Pergolas are a Hot Commodity

Kansas City pergolas become especially exquisite when paired with a fire feature. It doesn’t matter if you combine your pergola with a stone masonry fireplace or a fire pit, there’s no question that it’ll be the ultimate relaxation spot within your outdoor living space.  

Kansas City Pergolas: The Solution to Maximizing Every Outdoor Living Space        

If you’ve been wondering how to enhance your outdoor living space, pergolas are the answer!

The above suggestions are just a few of the designs made possible with a pergola. In addition to creating defined zones within your backyard retreat, it will allow for specific types of enjoyment that can be achieved alone or with family and friends. All you need to do is use your imagination and some thoughtful consideration to invent a special spot on your deck or patio.       

If you’re ready to maximize your outdoor living space with a Kansas City pergola, All Weather Decks is ready to apply expert care to design a deck with dedicated zones that you’ll appreciate for years to come. As with any home improvement project, it’s important to consider a variety of designs, which we’re happy to present and discuss. We will only move forward with construction once we know you feel confident with the intended results.

If you’re ready to have a deck that includes beautifully crafted pergola, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT Deck at the RIGHT price!

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