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Pride of homeownership is on display whenever a person does what it takes to retain their house’s value.  However, there are few things that will raise a home’s worth and secure its resale value like adding a deck.  Not only does it dramatically increase a homeowner’s enjoyment and increase the property’s aesthetic appeal, but it also gives sellers an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Will a new deck add value to my home?

There’s nothing like having an outside area where you can relax alone or have fun entertaining guests, which is why adding a deck is one of the smartest and most attractive home improvements one can make.  However, not all decks are created equal.  To get the most from your investment, there are a few variables to consider before construction can begin.

Materials matter most.  When deciding what material will be used to build your dream deck, you have two choices:  natural wood and a composite.  According to the website Ownerly, a natural wood deck may recoup 72% of the total cost to build it, while one constructed of a composite material could provide a 67% return on investment.  Depending on how long you plan to live in the home, a composite deck is more expensive up front, but will save you money in the long run because it will not require as much upkeep as a natural wood deck.  However, if you are planning on selling soon or in the process of flipping the home, it’s best to build a deck made of natural wood because you won’t be responsible for the annual treatments that will keep it stable and beautiful.

Weather isn’t always gorgeous.  It doesn’t matter if your deck is constructed of natural wood or a composite material, if it can be enjoyed during spring showers, your ROI will be golden. To make this happen, consider placing an roof above your deck or completely enclosing it with screen or glass.

The Goldilocks conundrum.  When deciding the size of the deck, you don’t want it too big or too small because either extreme will harm your home’s resale value.  To safeguard against this, it’s best to use a general rule of thumb.  Essentially, you want areas dedicated for special use such as grilling and food prep to be eight feet wide, while all-around general use space needs to be at least twelve feet wide. You should also account for the size of the house and consider including outbuildings like garages and sheds. Homes that are small benefit from a couple small decks rather than one large one, and consider having the deck span between detached structures because this will do wonders to cut down on the amount of dirt and debris that’s tracked into the home since your feet will never touch the ground.

Homeowners can’t go wrong adding a deck!

Considering the above information, it’s abundantly clear that building a deck onto a home is a brilliant investment.  Not only will it add value, the beauty and enjoyment it bestows upon a home is priceless.

If you’re ready to enjoy an outdoor area that suits your needs and benefits your home’s resale value, we are ready to apply expert care to design a deck you can enjoy for all it’s worth.  As with any home improvement project, it’s important to consider a variety of deck plans, which we are happy to present and discuss.  We will only move ahead with construction once we know you feel confident with the intended results.

If you’re ready to have a deck add substantial value and unique beauty to your home, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today!  We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT Deck at the RIGHT price!

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