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Kansas City homeowners with two-story homes can enjoy twice the amenities of outdoor living when they build a double-decker deck! 

Having both an upper and lower deck opens a world of possibilities with Kansas City Deck designs. In addition to having a covered deck that protects against bad weather, the upper deck provides the luxury of privacy and a bird’s eye view of colorful landscaping or the sparkling water of a pool or pond.

A Double Decker Deck Design Offers Unlimited Options            

Outdoor living is taken to new heights when the experts at All Weather Decks help you create your ultimate dream deck, so that every day feels like a vacation!     

The professionals of AWD are happy to design and build a double-decker Kansas City deck design that boasts a variety of features. However, the best part is that you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a covered deck—including relaxing on top of it to catch some rays!

Enclose One or Both Levels

If the idea of having an enclosed deck suits your fancy, AWD’s designers are happy to draw up plans that show how your double-decker deck will look when the ground level is screened in while the top level remains open, and vice versa.

You can even choose to have both levels completely enclosed to create all-season rooms!

A Fire Pit Adds Warmth Up Close and Aesthetic Appeal From a Distance

When Kansas City deck designs include a fire pit, star gazing on chilly autumn evenings is possible, and entertaining friends and family has an extra special glow. This is especially true when the ground level of your double-decker deck is a patio with a stone masonry fire pit. 

Enjoy Total Shade or Dapples of Sunlight

Double-decker Kansas City deck designs that have a pergola installed on the upper level give homeowners the luxury of enjoying different degrees of comfort on a summer’s day. 

When the heat feels unbearable, relax in the shade under the cover of the lower deck. On days that aren’t blistering hot, soak up some vitamin D by lounging on the upper deck where the pergola allows sunlight to filter through.  

The Sky’s the Limit When Your Outdoor Living Space Extends Far Above the Ground

Kansas City homeowners with double-decker decks never have to worry about having enough seating because they can place tables and chairs above and below. However, when the storage of gardening supplies and pool floats is a problem, some choose to enclose the lower deck to hide these items away and protect them from the weather.

Some people had fun getting extra creative by having AWD’s experts design and build a sauna into the ground-level deck!

If you’re dreaming about having an outdoor living room set below an open-air porch, we can make this a reality.  

Double Decker Decks are the Pinnacle of Kansas City Deck Designs           

Building a deck onto a two-story home without utilizing both levels is not just disadvantageous to your lifestyle, but also to your entire property. For example, if you choose a Kansas City deck design that involves just the ground level, the value of your house won’t appreciate nearly as much as it would if it were boasting a double-decker deck.  

We at All Weather Decks want to help you get twice the enjoyment and value of your two-story home. When you partner with us, we’ll create your dream deck by listening to your ideas, then drawing up a few different designs, which can include a few of the features discussed above. Once you’ve chosen the design that satisfies your needs and wants, AWD’s builders will break ground to make your Kansas City double-decker deck come to life!  

If you’re ready to enjoy the best of Kansas City outdoor living, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT Deck at the RIGHT price!

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