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Currently, the real estate industry in Kansas City is a seller’s dream come true as prices remain hot and heavy. However, this situation won’t last indefinitely because high-interest rates will eventually lead to decreasing home prices to level the playing field.

Many people are concerned about finding ways to safeguard their home’s value. The secret to accomplishing this is to reinvest in your largest investment. While some homeowners decide to remodel their kitchen or bathrooms, the most lucrative home improvement project involves enhancing the outdoor living space.   

Secure Your Home’s Value by Improving Your Deck This Autumn             

Making your home stand out with a unique outdoor living space will do wonders for its worth. Consider upgrading your deck with the following enhancements to solidify your home’s market value.     

A Pergola Adds Allure and Seasonal Versatility

When a pergola is added to Kansas City decks, distinct comfort and charm are achieved.


Pergolas provide dappled sunlight and style to every outdoor living space. Their solid design offers protection from inclement weather and the crossbeams are perfect for hanging lights and potted plants. When holidays approach, pergolas are a blast to decorate!

Kansas City Decks Aren’t Complete Without a Fire Pit   

When your outdoor living space has a built-in fire pit, you can enjoy toasting marshmallows with friends and family all year long! While any deck or patio can have a portable fire pit, only a permanent stone fire pit will enhance your home’s value.

Make your outdoor living space extra warm and inviting by pairing your fire pit with a stone masonry fireplace!

Everybody Loves a Covered Deck  

Adding a cover to your deck will give you protection from blazing sunrays, torrential downpours, snow storms—and falling real estate prices!


Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle with an Enclosed Deck

As extreme summer and winter temperatures are anticipated to be the norm for the near future, enclosed Kansas City decks are becoming more popular.

When a homeowner decides to transform their outdoor living space into a screen room or all-season room, the value of their largest investment increases exponentially!

Build Value by Rebuilding This Fall

If you currently have a wooden deck, replacing it with a composite deck is a smart investment.

Not only will your outdoor living space last longer and save you money in maintenance costs, but house hunters will find it extremely attractive, which will lead to them bidding on your home instead of a comparable house that has a wooden deck.

Fall Enhancements to Kansas City Decks are Enriching Home Values         

Even if you don’t plan on putting your Kansas City home on the market anytime soon, don’t lose a great opportunity to secure the value of your largest investment by neglecting to upgrade your deck this fall. Making improvements to your outdoor living space is the best way to ensure that your home’s worth doesn’t decrease when real estate prices begin to stabilize.

All Weather Decks wants to help you safeguard your home’s value by expertly designing and building an outdoor living space that’s superior to other Kansas City decks. As the premier deck contractor in the area, we are renowned for our ability to construct quality decks with unique features that seamlessly blend with a home’s architectural style. AWD’s professional designers are eager to hear your ideas and present a variety of blueprints that will exceed your expectations. From fire pits and pergolas to covers and composites, All Weather Decks is proud to help Kansas City real estate prices remain competitive.   

If you’re ready to have an extraordinary outdoor living space that adds exceptional value to your home, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today. We’re ready to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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