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Finding the Right Furniture for Your Deck

When your deck features furniture that delivers comfort and reflects your personal style, you’re experiencing the best of Kansas City outdoor living!

There’s a wide variety of outdoor furniture available on the market today and some of it costs a pretty penny, so it’s smart to consider a few important factors such as maintenance before making a purchase. After all, you don’t want to spend time cleaning your deck furniture when you’d much rather be relaxing on it. Plus, it’s important to remember that Kansas City outdoor living sometimes involves stormy weather. Strong winds can toss around lightweight furniture pieces, so you should consider your storage capabilities as well.      

Deck Furniture that Fits Your Lifestyle

Don’t settle for just any outdoor furniture! Check out the following suggestions to help you choose the deck furniture that’ll have you experiencing everything Kansas City outdoor living has to offer.   

How can outdoor furniture make your life easier and more enjoyable?  

Before purchasing furniture for your deck, you need to think about how you use your outdoor living space. For instance, do you enjoy entertaining? Is the deck your private retreat? Do you like serving food straight off the grill?

By answering these questions, you can get a good idea of the kinds of furniture you need. For example, if your family likes eating outdoors, a dining table would be a good investment. If you like hosting small gatherings, create an intimate setting with three all-weather couches arranged in a horseshoe around a large coffee table. If the deck is your escape from everyday chaos, you might be happy with an oversized chair you can sink into with a good book or a hammock that will sway in the breeze as you nap.  

Capitalize on Minimal Upkeep

Now that you have an idea of the type of furniture designs that’ll serve you best, here’s the lowdown on low-maintenance furniture material. After all, why spend your hard-earned money on outdoor seating and tables that will make you feel overworked and stressed out?

Your outdoor living space is where you can kick your feet up and relax… unless you’ve opted for deck furniture that’s high maintenance or pieces that must be protected from nasty weather. This is the reason why it’s important to understand the different deck furniture construction materials.

Plastic – Low cost and easy to maintain, polypropylene, polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, and recycled plastics resist rain, fading, and mildew. Just scrub tables and chairs with soap and water when they’re dirty. While plastic deck furniture is lightweight and easy to move around, this isn’t a plus when strong winds move in, so be mindful of this when storms threaten and consider where you will store them until pleasant weather returns.

Aluminum – Patio furniture made of this lightweight metal is ideal for decks because it won’t scratch the decking boards when chair and table legs shift. These designs also withstand moisture and are very low maintenance because accumulated dirt and pollen can be wiped away with soap and water or sprayed off with a garden hose. However, aluminum chairs are susceptible to high winds and may blow around during storms.

Teak – This is the finest natural wood deck furniture you can buy. Often used for building boats, teak resists insects and handles storms like a champ because it’s heavy and doesn’t expand when wet. While teak furniture is pricey, it’s a worthy investment as it will last for decades. Just clean it with soap and water and occasionally condition it with teak oil or beeswax to retain its natural beauty.

All-weather Wicker – This isn’t your grandmother’s wicker furniture! Made of synthetic resins and an aluminum frame, it isn’t affected by moisture like traditional wicker that swells and splits after getting wet. While cleaning resin wicker furniture is a bit more involved, its appearance is lovelier than most plastic deck furniture and it weighs more, so it’s unlikely to shift during stormy weather. The best part is the fun you’ll have expressing your style with colorful cushions and pillows!

Trex® Outdoor Furniture – Constructed of genuine POLYWOOD® lumber, this deck furniture is durable, low maintenance, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. If you’re looking to furnish your deck with sturdy and beautiful chairs and tables that don’t demand constant attention, Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ delivers all this and more in a variety of styles!

Having so many choices can feel overwhelming, so it helps to think of deck furniture as an investment. While some types cost more, you’ll be saving money in the long run because it’ll last longer and you won’t be spending money repairing or replacing it in the near future.

Relax on Your Deck in Comfort and Style!          

Regardless of the size of your deck, it’s easy to furnish your outdoor retreat with seating and tables that fit your lifestyle and don’t create more work for you!  

To recap, choosing the right deck furniture boils down to:  

  • Functionality (e.g., dining table for optimal outdoor eating, couches and chairs suitably arranged for entertaining, lounge chairs and hammocks for prime relaxation)
  • Material (i.e., How much time and effort must be devoted to cleaning it? Do you have someplace to store lightweight furniture if a storm is approaching?)

Once you’ve considered these two factors, you’ll be able to make a smart decision about how best to furnish your outdoor living space, so your needs are met and the enjoyment you gain from your outdoor living space is maximized.

In addition to patio furniture, you may want to consider built-in deck furniture. By going this route, you increase the functionality of your outdoor living space exponentially. For example, attached bench seating can also be used as shelving for potted plants.    

As the most respected deck contractors in the Greater Kansas City area, All Weather Decks wants nothing more than to help you have the deck of your dreams. Our expert designers and builders are happy to sit down with you to discuss how you intend to use your deck, so we can create a few designs that will suit your needs including future furniture placement. Once you’ve fallen in love with one of the blueprints, our building pros will get to work on creating a deck that exceeds your expectations, so you can thoroughly enjoy Kansas City outdoor living!   

If you’re ready to have a deck you can enjoy for decades to come, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT Deck at the RIGHT price!

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