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This is a common question among homeowners who are eager to make their dream deck a reality.  While the states of Kansas and Missouri do not require general contractors to be licensed, choosing to hire only those who are licensed is a smart decision for several reasons.    

Licensed Contractors Take Their Work Seriously        

Licenses are awarded by the Licensing Board for Contractors for each municipality.  Applicants must pass exams.  They also need to submit documentation of their work experience and show proof that they have general liability insurance.  When a Kansas City decking contractor jumps through all these hoops even though the state doesn’t require such efforts, you can rest assured that they take great pride in their work and they care about their customers.     

Licensing protects the homeowner.   General contractors who are licensed are prepared to take responsibility for anything that may go wrong during a deck’s construction.  If something on the property gets damaged or a subcontractor is injured, the general contractor’s insurance will handle it instead of the homeowner’s insurance.

Oh, those pesky rules and regulations!  Counties and municipalities set forth strict building codes and safety standards that must be followed to the letter.  A licensed contractor understands these conditions and knows he or she must adhere to the guidelines. 

When you’re dealing with an unlicensed contractor, he has nothing to lose.  If your deck isn’t built to code or a worker gets hurt, you’ll be the one on the hook while the contractor walks away scot-free.

You’re pulling the permits.  Unlicensed contractors cannot pull permits, which puts this responsibility on the homeowner’s shoulders.  Acquiring proper permitting can be a complicated matter that most people don’t know how to navigate. 

To learn why homeowners shouldn’t be pulling permits, check out our article here

“Where did he go?”  If you hire an unlicensed contractor to build your dream deck, you may end up in a nightmare after he happily takes your deposit, and you never see him again. 

When you’re dealing with a licensed contractor, it’s a safe bet that they are professionals who value their customers and can be trusted to do a fine job. 

Put them on standby while you verify!  Even if a contractor tells you that he or she is above board, don’t sign their contract until you make sure they have a license in good standing.  Ask to see proof without feeling shy about doing so.  General contractors spend lots of time, money and energy getting their license and love showing off their credentials! 

However, con artists abound in the construction industry, so practice due diligence by confirming that their license is valid and active.  Every state or county has a public record that allows anyone to locate this information by searching via name, company, and license number.   

Ready to Hire a Professional Kansas City Decking Contractor?     

We at All Weather Decks are experts in our field.  We are licensed and insured because we care about our customers.  While we take all necessary precautions to ensure a project goes smoothly, we are ready to take responsibility should anything go awry, so you don’t have to. 

We’re insured for $1 million and encourage you to research us and our parent company, All Weather Services, Inc., as well as JOCO License #2021-4866.  Need more convincing that we’re the real deal?  Check out our customer reviews!

If you’re ready to have your dream deck built by the most trusted decking contractor in the industry, give us a call at (913) 206-1974 or contact us online today!       

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