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Imagine harvesting fresh greens without getting your shoes dirty or relaxing on your deck surrounded by the tantalizing aromas of lavender, rosemary, and thyme!

Having a Kansas City deck garden can enhance the splendor of your outdoor living space by creating a level of beauty and convenience a yard garden can’t deliver.

The best part about including a garden in your original deck design is all the money you’ll save compared to hiring a contractor later to handle the project separately.

Enjoy fresh produce just a few steps from your kitchen door!    

If you’re concerned about your deck becoming a filthy mess because of the dirt

Don’t worry! The following Kansas City deck garden designs keep your outdoor living space clean and tidy.

Raised beds positioned alongside your deck’s border.

When your garden is built on the perimeter of your deck, you’ll be living a gardener’s dream! Not only will you be surrounded by tasty produce, but you’ll enjoy harvesting without getting your shoes muddy. However, there are a few construction specifications that need to be covered.

If your new deck is built out of composite wood, the raised garden boxes can be made of the same material to match the deck. However, if you want the garden beds constructed from natural wood, your best bet is to go with redwood, cedar, black locust, and white oak because they’re naturally resistant to rot.
Of course, you can always choose to have the raised boxes designed with stone masonry to create a Kansas City deck garden that will last a lifetime!

Deck railings provide unique gardening space! 

Choosing to design your deck with a narrow railing will allow you to hang baskets of herbs, edible flowers, and other tastebud temptations. Taking advantage of your railings in this manner will keep your decking boards from becoming dangerously cluttered with potted plants.

Create a hanging garden using arbors and pergolas!

Including an arbor or pergola in your deck design will provide dedicated gardening space. Enjoying fresh cucumbers, grapes, and Gogi berries is easy when you have a trellis-like structure to grow them on. Furthermore, the pergola’s slats are perfect for hanging baskets of strawberries and tomato plants.

No matter how you incorporate this feature into your Kansas City deck garden design, ensure the arbor or pergola will be erected on the side that receives the most sunshine.

You can make the pergola even more functional by choosing to construct built-in seating on the inside of the structure so that you can have shelving for a potted garden. Consider adding this feature to your deck to create unlimited gardening space and keep your outdoor retreat free of tripping hazards.

Furthermore, during the winter, when your garden is dormant, you’ll have more than enough seating for your holiday party guests!

A tiered deck garden makes growing your favorite veggies easy!

This creative design will keep your plants neatly separated and organized. Building steps that lead directly from the deck to the garden will deliver a level of convenience you’ve never experienced before. You’ll never tire of the beauty this strategically designed deck garden brings to your outdoor retreat!

Experience the delicious luxury of a Kansas City deck garden!       

Choosing to go with a deck garden design opens a world of tasty possibilities!

Of all the design details already discussed, it’s important to remember that edible and floral gardens require at least six hours of sun to produce the fruits, veggies, and flowers you and your family love. Keeping this in mind, position your garden within the deck design to ensure the plants will receive enough sunlight.

If it’s impossible to build a deck within the budget that isn’t consumed by shade due to trees surrounding your home, adding a patio to the design that extends away from the deck may enable you to garden in the sunshine.

You can even build raised garden boxes on the patio to harvest fresh produce without breaking your back.

If you want an expertly designed Kansas City deck garden that will make it fun and easy to grow fresh food and show-stopping flowers, All-Weather Decks is eager to help you create your dream deck garden.

Adding a garden to your deck is smart because growing your produce will save you money considering the rising cost of grocery items. Additionally, when growing your veggies, you’ll know that the food on your plate is genuinely organic.

You can trust All Weather Decks to create the deck garden you’ve dreamed of. Our designers love hearing your ideas, then incorporating them into unique designs. We couldn’t be more proud of the numerous awards and encourage everyone to read the reviews from homeowners in the Greater Kansas City area who are thrilled to be enjoying the outdoor living spaces we made possible.

If you’re ready to treat yourself and your loved ones to food grown from your very own deck garden, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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