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The holidays are right around the corner, and your deck is the perfect stage to display festive cheer.  With a bit of creativity and imagination, your holiday décor will give family and friends a warm welcome, and they’ll love how your outdoor living space brings the holiday season to life.

Spreading joy is fun and easy when you have a Kansas City deck!

There are countless ways to make your outdoor living space joyful and bright this holiday season.  It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to entertain a large party or holding a small gathering, or simply want to enjoy the festive atmosphere all by yourself.  When your outdoor retreat is tastefully decorated, everyone will be in the mood to celebrate the season and ring in the new year!

Outdoor lighting will give your deck a festive glow.

Stringing lights around your Kansas City deck is the best way to give it holiday spirit.  There are many different types of outdoor lighting to choose from, so have fun hanging traditional white lights or go bold with colored ones.  Twinkling lights are popular, but if you don’t want your entire deck blinking, use them to draw attention to specific features of the deck such as the pergola.  If static illumination is more your style, hanging icicle lights around the top of the arbor will give it a very classy look.

It’s smart to wrap the railings with lights to provide a level of safety at night.  This is especially important if your deck has stairs.

Placing battery operating candles on the sills of interior windows that face the deck is a subtle touch that will add a distinctive warmth to your outdoor living space.

Ornaments aren’t just for indoor enjoyment!

Depending on the holiday style you want to present, there’s a wide selection of ornaments you can accent your deck with that are safe for outdoor use.  You can even make your own!  One way to do this is to collect pinecones and dust them with glitter.  Then, hang them from the slats of your pergola and the deck’s railings.

If you’re going with a whimsical theme, hang Santa and eight plastic reindeer from the eaves of your covered deck.  To celebrate the beauty of winter, it’s easy to find glittery snowflakes to hang from your deck and the surrounding trees.  In the daytime, they’ll glisten in the sunshine, and at night, your holiday lights will make them truly mesmerizing.


 Classic holiday décor will always be in style.  

Decks in Kansas City that are decorated in traditional holiday fashion invoke memories of Christmas at grandma’s house.  Adding a wreath or two is a perfect way to capture this essence and they hold up well in any type of weather.  If you have access to pine branches, creating your own wreaths is sure to impress, and the scent they’ll bring to your outdoor retreat will be intoxicating.

Poinsettias have been a universal symbol of the holidays for the past several decades.  They look amazing when they’re flanking doors and staircases.  Just be sure they aren’t placed where someone might trip over them.  To keep them healthy, set them in a location where they won’t be receiving direct sunlight.

Another gorgeous way of decorating your outdoor living space in a timeless manner is to wrap garland around the posts of your deck and secure it to windowsills.

If you have a pergola, feel free to drape the garland around the top of it, so it hangs naturally.  People will often weave strings of soft white lights throughout the garland to give it a magical glow.  Add some holiday romance to your outdoor living space by hanging mistletoe from your pergola, too.  This will surely take the chill out of the air!

Don’t despair if you can’t admire your Christmas tree when you’re sipping eggnog on your Kansas City deck.  A decorated mini tree placed in the corner of the deck or on a tabletop solves this problem easily, and you can plant it once the holidays have passed.


Decks in Kansas City are Keeping the Holidays Warm and Bright!       

Homeowners throughout Greater Kansas City and Overland Park are enjoying the holiday season and welcoming the new year by decorating their decks.  Even though it’s cold outside and the sun is setting earlier, your festive deck will capture the spirit of the season to keep your guests warm and the hot cocoa flowing late into the night.  If the temperature gets a tad too frigid, family and friends will enjoy gathering around the fire pit to sing Christmas carols or hear the tale of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

No matter how you choose to decorate your outdoor living space for the holidays, it’s going to look amazing!  Just don’t neglect regular deck maintenance such as sweeping the snow from the decking boards to keep ice from accumulating.

We at All Weather Decks want to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and joyous holiday season filled with much love and laughter!  May the new year bring us all health, wealth, and unlimited happiness.

If you’re ready to have the deck you’ve been dreaming about, or want to renovate your current outdoor living space, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today!  We’re here to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price.

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