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When it comes to improving your outdoor space with a deck, we know that the design elements are probably what get you the most excited. We get it! But are you considered safe in your decision-making process? If not, you should. Recently, composite wood has become a very popular decking material, and it’s not just because it looks good. Composite wood decks offer unique safety benefits that make them a clear choice, especially when compared to traditional wood decks. In this blog post, we’ll cover 4 of these safety benefits and why choosing composite wood could be a wise decision for your next deck project.

Let’s Help Prevent Those Dangerous Slips!

One of the biggest safety benefits of composite decks is that they are naturally slip-resistant. Traditional wood decks can get slippery when wet, creating a potential safety hazard. Composite wood is designed to be slip-resistant, even in wet conditions. The mix of wood fibers and plastic creates a textured surface that provides excellent traction. This makes composite wood decks safer for everyone, especially for families with kids or older adults.

On a related note, traditional wood decks are often a host to mold and mildew growth, especially in humid or damp places. In addition to negatively impacting the deck’s appearance, mold and mildew often make surfaces slippery and pose slipping risks. Composite wood, being a mix of wood fibers and synthetic materials, naturally resists mold and mildew. This resistance keeps the deck looking good and contributes to a safer environment by reducing the chances of slippery surfaces.

No More Splinters

OK… we realize getting a splinter is not the most serious health concern, but at the same time, they are NO FUN! A real concern with traditional wood decks is the potential for painful splinters. Over time, natural wood can crack, splinter, and become rough, posing a risk to bare feet and hands. With composite wood, this is a non-issue. The manufacturing process involves protecting the wood fibers with a polymer layer, preventing splinters, and ensuring a smooth and comfortable surface for the life of the product. This is great news for families with children and pets, providing a worry-free outdoor space.

A Layer of Fire Resistance

This one comes as a surprise to most homeowners. Fire resistance of composite wood decks is a significant safety benefit. Traditional wood decks (especially older decks) can catch fire in extreme heat, posing a potential hazard. Composite wood is manufactured with special fire-resistant properties. This added safety feature is not only for homeowners in fire-prone regions but even in our local Kansas City area during the dog days of Summer, offering additional peace of mind.

Structural Integrity You Can Count On

Composite wood decking is engineered for consistent, long-lasting structural integrity, meaning it stays strong and stable over the long haul. Unlike traditional wood, which can warp, splinter, or decay due to exposure to the elements, composite wood maintains its sturdiness. This consistency in structural integrity improves the overall safety of your deck, reducing the likelihood of unexpected issues that could compromise its stability.

As you can see, composite decking offers a great combination of good looks, durability, and unique safety benefits. From slip resistance and mold prevention to a splinter-free surface and fire resistance, composite wood decking provides homeowners with a secure and low-maintenance outdoor space. As you think about your next deck project, consider the long-term safety advantages that composite wood can bring to your home!

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