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When you have an awesome Kansas City deck, you want to share it with everyone! Well, maybe not everyone. Natural wood decks can attract unwelcome guests when the right deck care isn’t being performed.

Wood-destroying organisms, or WDOs, include insect species such as termites, wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. While these bugs serve a purpose in the natural environment, they can easily turn dream decks into open-air nightmares. Deck repairs can be costly and this is especially true when they’re a result of insect damage as oftentimes expensive structural supports must be replaced.

Don’t let this happen to your beautiful Kansas City wood deck! Keep forest pests from using it as an all-you-can-eat buffet and honeymoon suite by being proactive about deck care.

Make Your Wooden Deck Unappealing to Wood-eating Insects!             

Enjoy a strong, beautiful outdoor living space that’s protected against WDOs by following these deck care maintenance measures.       

Keep Your Deck Clean and Dry

Insects are attracted to moist conditions, especially wet wood. Help your decking boards dry faster after rainy weather by using a broom to sweep away excess water and debris. Pay special attention to the corners and shady spots of your deck, including the area around potted plants.

Water will also settle in the knot holes and nail holes of decking boards. To prevent this from happening, fill these spots with an exterior-rated wood filler or epoxy.  

Lawn Maintenance and Deck Care Go Hand in Hand

It’s common knowledge that insects love hiding among tall grasses and plants. If you allow a jungle to grow around your deck, you may as well roll out a welcome mat for WDOs. Keeping your landscape under control is one of the best ways to keep insects from making your dream deck their home sweet home.

Bug-proof the Underside of Your Deck

Wood-destroying organisms retain their moisture by avoiding direct sunlight. This is the reason why they are drawn to the shady underside of decks. While it’s difficult to keep them away from this area, you can stop them from burrowing into your deck by installing a layer of composite or plastic beneath the decking boards.  

Enclose Your Deck

When an outdoor living space is surrounded by a screen, it’s largely protected from wood-destroying organisms and the stuff that attracts them such as moisture, and yard debris like fallen leaves. Enclosing your deck is the best way to keep it clean and dry so that nature’s wood-eating pests move on to another location.


Never worry about WDOs ever again!            

While all the above suggestions work to deter wood-destroying organisms from damaging your natural wood deck, a sure-fire way to protect your outdoor living space is to not build it out of wood.

Constructing a deck using composite wood is the solution to preventing a WDO invasion. Even though it looks like natural wood, it contains no nutritional value for wood-eating insects and doesn’t absorb moisture, so termites and other forest pests are forced to seek a more desirable location. 

In addition to not having to worry about WDOs, Kansas City homeowners that have a composite deck love the fact that it doesn’t require nearly as much deck care as a natural wood deck. While it’s still important to keep it clean, water and yard debris don’t need immediate attention since they can’t cause damage to the decking material.       

We at All Weather Decks are eager to help you enjoy a gorgeous outdoor living space that doesn’t require the kind of deck care that deters wood-destroying organisms. Being that we are the most trusted deck contractor in the Greater Kansas City area, you can depend on us to design and build a composite deck that will give you years of fun and relaxation because there’s no need for you to be concerned about performing the deck care that deters termites or other wood-eating insects.

When you partner with us, we’ll create your dream deck by taking the time to listen to your ideas. Our skilled designers will then create a few different deck designs that include your wants and needs. Once you’ve fallen in love with one of the blueprints, AWD’s professional builders will break ground while you imagine all the good times you’ll be having with family and friends on your new composite deck that’s free of wood-destroying organisms!   

If you’re ready to enjoy a Kansas City that doesn’t require much deck care, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re ready to help you create the RIGHT composite deck at the RIGHT price!

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