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Whether your new deck will be raised or at ground level depends on a variety of factors such as accessibility, functionality, cost, and maintenance requirements. Oftentimes, the design of the home decides the type of Kansas City deck design, but sometimes the property’s topography must be taken into consideration.

When All Weather Decks is contracted to build an outdoor living space, we account for everything to ensure a homeowner’s dream deck is designed with superior architectural precision that suits their lifestyle.  

Many Factors Determine If a Deck is Raised or Built at Ground Level            

Deciding to build a raised or ground-level deck isn’t always so cut and dry. There are several details to consider, which is why the expert designers of All Weather Decks are always happy to walk Kansas City homeowners through the specifics, so they understand why their outdoor living space is best built high above the ground or kept level with the lawn.

The following are just some of the factors that determine the height of KC deck designs.  

The Home’s Design

The architecture of the home oftentimes determines the design of the deck. For instance, when a house has a walkout basement, the deck must be raised to meet the home’s main living quarters. A raised deck is the ideal KC deck design for this situation because a ground-level deck would result in the homeowner having to walk down a flight of stairs to enjoy their outdoor living space. This situation is not just inconvenient, but also dangerous if the person is carrying something or the steps are wet or icy.

The Topography of the Property

When a home’s property is sloped, it’s smart to go with a raised deck. Not only does this KC deck design accommodate the gradation, but it’s also cost-effective because the homeowner doesn’t have to spend money building up the soil needed for a ground-level deck. 

A raised deck is also ideal for homes that overlook water because trucking in the dirt for the build-up might not be physically possible or legally permissible. Furthermore, it goes without saying that a raised outdoor living space provides spectacular scenic views!

Overall Cost

A ground-level deck is much more economically feasible than a raised deck. The best part about ground-level KC deck designs is that they save homeowners money that can be put towards special outdoor living features such as outdoor lighting, a pergola, or a cover that provides protection during inclement weather and keeps the outdoor living space cool during the summer months.  

Accessibility Concerns

When a homeowner or those they live with are disabled, a ground-level deck is the best option for obvious reasons. Also, unlike a raised outdoor living space, it’s easy to build a ramp onto a deck that’s built at ground level.  

Ease of Maintenance

When a homeowner has the luxury of choosing between a raised deck or one that’s at ground level, it’s important for them to consider the different maintenance requirements. For example, a raised outdoor living space may be difficult to clean because a ladder may be needed. If the deck is constructed of natural wood, twice as much stain or paint will be needed to protect the extra-long support posts. Given these maintenance requirements, it’s best to build a raised deck out of composite material, but doing so will add a significant increase to the overall cost of the project.

Ground-level outdoor living space is fairly easy to maintain; however, inspecting the underside for moisture and insect damage can be challenging. This is also why composite materials are advantageous for ground-level deck construction because composite decking boards aren’t susceptible to rot and wood-destroying organisms. 

Is a raised or ground-level deck right for you?          

After weighing all the factors mentioned above, you should be able to determine if your outdoor living space is best raised or at ground level. Of course, if your home is designed in such a way that you’re at an impasse, the expert designers of All Weather Decks are happy to help you decide on the best KC deck design for your situation. However, if your budget allows, you could also opt to have the best of both worlds by choosing to build a double-decker deck!

Regardless of whether a raised or ground-level deck is in your future, AWD is honored to be the decking contractor to make it happen. After all, we’re the most trusted decking contractor in the Greater Kansas City area and our designers specialize in custom KC deck designs. We have experience working with a wide variety of home and property styles, so you can depend on us to create a deck design you will love for years to come!  

Furthermore, the experts of All Weather Decks will help you make an informed decision about the deck’s features and construction materials, so your new outdoor living space suits your home, property, and lifestyle.   

When you’re ready to enjoy a dream deck that’s raised, at ground level or a combination of both, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT Deck at the RIGHT price!

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