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The Benefits of a Curved Deck

When most people think of a backyard deck, they picture one with a rectangular or square design. While this isn’t a bad thing, curved Kansas City decks are quickly becoming all the rage for a variety of reasons.

Sure, they’re aesthetically pleasing, but curved decks provide homeowners with benefits they simply can’t achieve with decks that have 90° angles.

Cutting corners never felt so good!          

Curved Kansas City decks have an amazing ability to beautify homes and landscaped gardens, but they are functional, too! Read on to discover how these unique deck designs have benefits that will help you enjoy your outdoor living space more than you ever thought possible.

Curved Decks are Easier to Maintain  

Wind and rain force leaves and dirt into the corners of decks where they can accumulate.

When this happens, the debris will harbor moisture, which leads to mold and algae growing on the decking boards. If the deck is constructed of wood, it will eventually start to rot if the debris isn’t swept away from the corners and off the deck regularly.

Curved decks don’t experience this problem because they don’t have corners that capture and collect leaves and other yard debris. This means fewer maintenance and repair issues, so homeowners can enjoy their outdoor living space instead of feeling backed into a corner with a broom and a pressure washer.

Curved Decks Enhance a Home’s Value

Kansas City homes that feature a deck with sensual curves are a rare sight to behold.

Homeowners who choose to build a curved deck are making an excellent investment! An outdoor living space with smooth, rounded edges is not only gorgeous, but it also complements the home’s design and landscape. This fact alone makes it surprising that curvaceous deck designs are just now becoming popular choices.

Curved Decks are Most Inviting

Kansas City decks with curves beckon in a gentle whisper, “Sit down… relax… stay while.”

Only a curved deck offers wrap-around seating that hugs all who choose to partake in its graceful charm. When evening falls, family members and friends can gather around the fire pit to tell stories or sing songs until only glowing embers remain.

Should you choose to build a curved deck, don’t be surprised if you can’t resist extending the elegance by adding a curved patio!

Experience all the beneficial luxuries of a curved deck!           

All Weather Decks is the premier deck contractor in the greater Kansas City area, and we never cut corners—except when we’re designing and building curved Kansas City decks!

It doesn’t matter if you want an outdoor living space made of natural wood or composite, we’ll create the deck of your dreams minus troublesome corners that’ll cause you to work when you just want to relax. We promise you’ll love your new deck just as much as the customers who have left us these shining reviews! Regardless of the windfall of compliments, you’ll be getting on your curved deck, you’ll adore the aesthetic and financial value it adds to your property.

As with any home improvement project, it’s important to consider a variety of deck plans, which we’re happy to present and discuss. We will only move ahead with construction once we know you feel confident with the intended results.

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start enjoying a uniquely functional and beautifully crafted curved deck, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT Deck at the RIGHT price!

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