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Installing an outdoor kitchen creates a smorgasbord of scrumptious opportunities regardless of the season as many Kansas City homeowners look forward to cooking on their deck all year long. Especially during the colder months when the heat radiating from the grill and stovetop takes the chill out of the air while they’re busy creating meals to warm the hearts of friends and family.  

Perfecting Culinary Skills on Kansas City Decks!

All Weather Decks is excited to introduce the top outdoor kitchen ideas for 2024!  

A-Z Essentials and Fun Extras!

Built-in Grill: No outdoor kitchen is complete without a built-in grill. Sleek, versatile, and integrated, add multiple burners, side burners, and rotisseries to make an array of gourmet meals.

Cabinetry and Countertops: Choose from a variety of materials that resist burns and stains such as granite, stainless steel, stone masonry, and concrete. Be sure to make your outdoor kitchen design seamless by adding storage. Weatherproof marine-grade polymer drawers are ideal for keeping utensils, cookware, and other kitchen essentials within reach and protected from the elements.

Lighting: Install adequate lighting for safety and ambiance. Consider a combination of task lighting for the cooking area and softer ambient outdoor lighting for dining and relaxation.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances: Expand upon your culinary expertise by incorporating additional outdoor kitchen appliances like pizza and convection ovens, smokers, and warming drawers for added functionality.

Refrigeration: When you have easy access to ice and cold beverages, you’ll never have to leave the grill unattended to go inside for a drink.

Shade and Shelter: When bad weather threatens, you won’t have to change your dinner plans when you have a Kansas City covered deck! Feel free to enjoy cooking with your outdoor kitchen even if it’s raining or snowing.

Sink and Faucet: Install a high-quality, outdoor-rated sink and faucet for added convenience and ensure easy clean-up of your outdoor kitchen.

Ventilation: Don’t let smoke and cooking odors ruin your dinner parties! Installing proper ventilation will help disperse these annoyances. 

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Dining Experience!

Enjoy the luxury of serving delicious food to friends and family directly from your outdoor kitchen when you have a cozy dining area on your Kansas City deck. However, a few key features will allow you to create an especially delightful outdoor dining experience.

After Hours Entertainment: If you enjoy having a nightcap under the stars after dinner or playing bartender while treating friends to homemade hors d’oeuvres, you’ll love having an outdoor bar on your Kansas City deck.

Fire Features: Installing an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or chimenea to your deck will add irresistible warmth and ambiance to your outdoor kitchen.

Layout and Flow: Plan a proper layout to ensure a smooth flow between the cooking, prep, and dining areas. Make sure no obstacles like potted plants exist between the kitchen and dining table to eliminate tripping hazards.  

Outdoor Décor: Personalize the deck space surrounding your outdoor kitchen with creature comforts such as tiki torches, potted plants, whimsical statues, and water features. 

Smart Technology: Outdoor kitchens of 2024 are sizzling hot with the latest technology! Make cooking outside a breeze with a smart grill and enhance the dining experience with tech-savvy outdoor speakers and smart lighting control.

Marvelous Meals are Being Prepared with an Outdoor Kitchen on Kansas City Decks       

If you’ve ever been torn between barbecuing or cooking a meal in your home’s kitchen, stop compromising! Combine your two loves by building an outdoor kitchen on your deck!   

The outdoor kitchens of today are a far cry from those of yesteryear as the options are endless. The experts of All Weather Decks are eager to help you begin the design with the essentials such as a built-in grill and choosing the construction materials for the base and countertop. They’ll then discuss all the additional features that’ll make your outdoor kitchen suit your unique expectations. If you’re yearning to cook outside regardless of the weather, the professionals of AWD are also happy to design a Kansas City covered deck just for you!

If you’re ready to design your ultimate outdoor kitchen on your deck, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re the most trusted deck builders in the Greater Kansas City area and are enthusiastic about helping you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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