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As the most trusted Kansas City covered-deck builder, the experts at All Weather Decks believe it’s important for homeowners to understand the permitting process when they want to add a cover to their deck.  

The Essentials of Obtaining Permitting for a Covered Deck   


The permitting process for a covered deck is explained from start to finish:    

Research Local Building Codes

The first step is researching the building codes and zoning regulations specific to where you live within the Greater Kansas City area. We’ll contact your local building department or visit their website to find information about permit requirements, zoning regulations, setback requirements, and any other relevant guidelines for constructing a covered deck.

As we’ve been building structurally sound-covered decks in your neighborhood for over two decades, you can trust that we’re up to date on the most current building codes and regulations.

Design and Planning

Next, we’ll develop a detailed plan for your covered deck, including dimensions, materials, structural details, and any additional features such as stairs, railings, and lighting. We’ll ensure that your design complies with local building codes and zoning regulations.

We want you to love your new covered deck, which is why we’ll present you with more than one design.

Submit Permit Application

Once you’ve chosen a covered deck design that suits your needs and wants, we’ll submit a permit application to your local building department.

The application typically includes details about the project, such as the scope of work, property information, construction plans, and sometimes a site survey.  

Review Process

At this point in the permitting process of your covered deck, the building department will review your permit application to ensure that it complies with all applicable building codes and regulations. This may involve a review of your construction plans by building inspectors or other relevant departments, such as zoning or planning.

Approval and Permit Issuance

If the permit application we presented meets all requirements, we’ll receive approval from the building department, and a permit will be issued.

The permit will outline the specific conditions and requirements for construction, including any inspections that may be required during the building process.    


Now that we have the necessary permits in hand, our skilled builders can begin construction of your covered deck. They must adhere to the approved construction plans and comply with all building codes and regulations throughout the building process.


As the covered deck construction progresses, we may need to schedule inspections with the building department at various stages of the project. Inspections typically occur after the completion of specific milestones, such as framing, electrical, and final construction, to ensure that the work meets safety and building code standards.  

Final Approval

Once all construction work has been completed and passed final inspections, the building department will issue final approval, and your covered deck project will be considered complete and compliant with local regulations.

Leave the Permitting Process to Professional Kansas City Covered Deck Builders            

You’ll know you’re dealing with a professional Kansas City covered-deck builder when they insist on handling the permitting process and this cost is included in their estimate.

As the most respected Kansas City covered-deck builders, All Weather Decks has the experience and expertise to seamlessly navigate the permitting process, so your project is completed without a hitch. All you’re required to do is choose the perfect outdoor furniture and daydream about entertaining family and friends while being sheltered from the blazing sun and pouring rain!

If you’re ready to have a beautiful covered deck that will bring you enjoyment no matter the weather, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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