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Kansas City homeowners love their outdoor living spaces. However, some wish their deck provided almost as much privacy as their living room.

When people are partying on their deck or simply talking on the phone in the fresh air, they want the same peace of mind as neighbors living a quarter of a mile away. This is especially true for homeowners that have zero lot lines.

When your deck has privacy, it’s nice to know that your backyard activities are concealed from people living next door, which works both ways. When a deck design incorporates methods that increase personal privacy, the outdoor living space is better protected from neighborhood noise pollution, such as lawnmowers, children at play, and barking dogs.

How will you increase the privacy of your Kansas City deck?   

Build a Pergola

Adding a pergola to your deck provides a wide array of creative privacy possibilities!

The unique architecture of Kansas City pergolas makes it easy to hang items securely. The structure’s top runners, rafters, and beams are ideal for suspending awnings and linens that provide excellent cover and muffle the sound.

If you prefer a natural privacy barrier, pergolas are the perfect structures for supporting thick vines such as star jasmine and wisteria. These fast-growing plants block prying eyes and reduce noise transfer, keep your deck cool by casting shade, and help your sitting area stay warm by obstructing the wind.

If you’re not looking for a high level of privacy, sturdy Kansas City pergolas are excellent for hanging large flower baskets. Position the plants to provide strategic concealment while increasing the beauty of your outdoor living space!

To make this a successful endeavor, choose plants that require the amount of sunlight your deck receives.

Install Lattice

By attaching lattice to the perimeter of your deck, you can create makeshift walls that provide privacy. The way lattice is constructed makes it easy to grow vines on it further to obstruct the view of your Kansas City deck.

Installing lattice on one or all three sides of your pergola will drastically increase the privacy of your sitting area or spa.

Plant Your Way to Privacy

Growing a natural barrier is a beautiful way to achieve as little or as much privacy as you desire.

Landscaping around your Kansas City deck or patio with a tall hedge or bushy trees, shrubs, and grasses is a terrific way to create seclusion and buffer sound and wind.

While natural screens take a little longer to provide the privacy you want, they are less expensive to maintain than a fence. Just consider the mature size of the plants you’re installing and place them in the ground far enough from the edge of the deck that they aren’t going to grow against it. If you fail to do this, the plants will harbor moisture that can affect your deck, and the lack of space will prevent proper seasonal maintenance.

Construct a Few Partitions

Attaching wooden partitions to your deck will deliver a high degree of privacy.

You don’t need to enclose your entire Kansas City deck. Just position the partitions wherever you feel they’ll do the best job concealing your outdoor living space.

Add a Cover

Now that people fly their drones over neighborhoods, Kansas City homeowners who want privacy need to protect their outdoor living space from prying eyes in the sky. Adding a cover to your outdoor living space is a great way to block anyone from getting a bird’s eye view. This is also an excellent way of keeping your deck cool in the summer and free of snow in the winter.

Privacy is Priceless!      

When you have an outdoor living space, it’s your private retreat from the outside world. However, it’s tough to achieve this perspective when your neighbors have a clear view of your deck. Considering the many ways that can deliver the amount of privacy you’re looking for, why choose just one?

We at All Weather Decks want you to enjoy your outdoor living space to the fullest, and having privacy helps immensely. If you’re going to conceal your sitting area or spa, we are experts at designing Kansas City pergolas and will be happy to build one that gives you the perfect concealment level.

Our expert deck designers and skilled contractors can make your dreams come true if you’re looking to add privacy to your entire outdoor living space. Once we draw up the plans, we will only move ahead with construction once you let us know you feel confident about the intended results.

If you’re ready to have a private backyard sanctuary that increases the worth and beauty of your home, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re the most decorated deck builders in Kansas City and are enthusiastic about helping you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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