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Homeowners with an established landscape may be hesitant about building their dream deck because they don’t want to cut down or damage the beautiful trees and plants they’ve grown to love. This fear is completely understandable. After all, it’s heartbreaking to cut down the gorgeous Japanese tree lilac you planted to commemorate your new home, or the magnificent oak your children climbed when they were young.

Furthermore, you don’t want to disturb the wildlife that calls your backyard ‘home’ by getting rid of trees and plants that birds and pollinators nest in and feed upon.

Another reason for incorporating a tree within the specs of the Kansas City deck building is because its shade will provide relief from the heat throughout the summer months.

Unite Your Deck and Landscape to Create a True Outdoor Living Space            

The ultimate Kansas City outdoor living experience is achieved when the creature comforts of home are combined with nature. This is the reason why the experts at All Weather Decks want to help Kansas City homeowners keep their cherished trees by including them in a uniquely designed outdoor living space.  

Kansas City deck building is our specialty, and we enjoy helping families make their dream decks a reality. The following ideas offer ideal solutions for building a deck that includes a beloved tree.  

A Strategically Designed Deck Will Allow a Tree to Flourish

If you think a beautiful, healthy tree must be cut down to make room for your Kansas City outdoor living plans, think again! AWD’s designers and builders will come together to make sure you can have both.

It doesn’t matter if the tree is fully grown or has years to go until it’s mature, our experts take all factors into consideration, so the tree and deck can coexist without the need for expensive deck modifications in the future. If questions about the tree arise during the design process or construction, you can depend on AWD to consult with an arborist before moving forward to ensure the project is completed successfully.

A Meandering Deck Design with Different Levels Will Flow with the Landscaping

Imagine the aesthetic possibilities of Kansas City outdoor living when you have a curved deck embracing the trees and plants you love as they tower over your outdoor living space and peek out between the railing posts.

Not only will this type of Kansas City deck building allow you to have the outdoor retreat you’ve been fantasizing about, but you will be preserving the trees, flowers, and foliage that help the wildlife in your yard thrive.

You can also incorporate different levels to this deck design to add spatial depth and secluded space for gatherings such as a fire pit.

Give the Tree a Hug with Unique Kansas City Deck Building

Show your favorite tree some love by encircling its trunk with built-in bench seating, or even a pub table!

The Finest Kansas City Outdoor Living Can’t Happen Without Nature           

When your Kansas City deck building design involves your favorite tree, you have a unique outdoor living space that is naturally aesthetic and eco-friendly. Your deck will also be cooler in the summer because the tree returns the favor of letting it live by providing much-needed shade.

We at All Weather Decks want to help you accomplish this and keep your Kansas City outdoor living space looking beautiful. This is why we want you to know that building a deck around a tree means that you must perform regular maintenance to make sure your outdoor living space stays in good condition.

If your deck is made of natural wood, be sure to keep it stained or painted. This treatment will keep the decking boards from developing moisture damage, especially since the tree’s shade will cause the water to evaporate much more slowly. You’ll also need to sweep the tree’s leaves off the deck in the fall and clean the deck twice a year to prevent algal growth, which will be an issue as rainstorms will wash algae from the tree’s leaves onto the decking boards.

If you want to have the ultimate dream deck that includes your beloved tree, All Weather Decks is ready to apply expert care to create an outdoor living design that’s naturally beautiful. Our expert designers will help you make an informed decision about the best way to go about building a quality deck around the tree you can’t bear to be without.  

If you’re ready to enjoy the best of Kansas City outdoor living while shaded by a green canopy, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT Deck at the RIGHT price!

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