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Right now, Kansas City deck season is at its peak, but it won’t be long before summer fizzles out.  Not being able to use your outdoor retreat for months at a time is a depressing thought.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way!  Imagine hosting a costume party on your deck in October, eating Thanksgiving dinner under the stars, or inviting friends for outdoor festivities in February.  All of this is possible when you add features to your deck that allow you to enjoy it during the cooler months.

Winterize your deck.

Enclosing your deck is a surefire way to get the most out of it during all four seasons, but you may not want to lose the outdoorsy feel of an open deck.  No problem!  Enhancing your deck with various forms of radiance will give you the best of both worlds.  When the days become colder and the nights longer, your outdoor retreat will feel warm and bright.

Patio heaters are more popular than ever!  When it comes to warming up your outdoor space, these outdoor heaters get the job done.  Safe and practical, they’re the easiest way to add radiant heat to your deck or patio.

Chimineas will chase away the chill.  These adorable heaters are perfect for smaller areas.  Not only are they safe to use, but they’re also portable, which is great when you want to move it from the deck to the garden.  Chimineas come in a variety of appearances, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style.     

Fire pits create a special kind of ambiance.  When you add a fire pit to your deck, autumn air loses its bite and winter nights aren’t so dark and frigid.  The flickering flames are sure to give your friends and family a warm welcome anytime you’re entertaining outdoors.

Fireplaces aren’t just for living rooms.  Installing a fireplace on your deck or patio is a great way to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of a fire pit or chiminea, but on a larger scale because it will produce more heat.  Even if your outdoor space doesn’t have an overhang, fireplaces can be freestanding, so there’s no reason to block out the winter sky if you enjoy stargazing in the crisp night air.

Let the Best Deck Builder in Kansas City Give You Year ‘Round Enjoyment!       

We at All Weather Decks want to help you extend the enjoyment of your deck.  If one or more of the above suggestions would chase away your winter blues, we’d be honored to make that happen.  While we’re working on the modifications, you can focus on choosing the perfect outdoor lighting to illuminate your open-air retreat during chilly Kansas City nights.

If you’re ready to winterize your outdoor living space, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today!  We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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