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Between the sun, rain, snow, and ice, backyard decks in Kansas City sure take a beating!  

In addition to harsh seasonal conditions, decks are exposed to heavy foot traffic and must support the weight of not just people, but also grills, furniture, and large potted plants. When decks are constructed of materials that are substandard, all bets are off.  

Inferior decking materials can result in disappointment and even disaster!

All Weather Decks uses only quality decking materials to avoid the following pitfalls.

Subpar Kansas City Decking Materials Puts Everyone at Risk  

When a deck is built with materials of poor quality, the entire outdoor living space can become a dangerous place.  

Through the years, there have been several incidents of people becoming injured because the deck they were standing on—or under—collapsed due to a structural failure. While each case is different, some of these tragedies could’ve been avoided had the builder chose to use quality decking materials.

For example, building an outdoor retreat with durable and correct decking hardware ensures secure connections, and installing flashing prevents water damage. Choosing to construct a deck by substituting these materials with inferior kinds results in decking boards that cannot be trusted because they’re improperly connected and could be weak from water damage.   

When the integrity of a deck has been compromised because it wasn’t built with superior decking materials, the quality of the structure suffers—and people might, too. In addition to injuries and even death, contractors have been sued for using shoddy construction materials.

Quality Decking Materials Age Well and Require Less Maintenance.    

Kansas City homeowners want a deck that makes them proud and fortifies the value of their home.

When an outdoor living space is constructed of quality decking materials, it lasts longer and requires minimal maintenance. It will also retain its beauty well past its prime. Composite decking is a perfect example of quality decking material because it’s durable, needs less upkeep, and continues to look amazing even after several years have passed.      

Decks that are built to last are made of quality materials!         

Homeowners that invest in a deck shouldn’t have to replace sections of it or the entire structure a few years later. This is a waste of money and resources. Decks should look great and perform with excellence season after season, which is why All Weather Decks recommends the following Kansas City decking materials to suit every budget.

  1. Pressure-treated wood decking
  2. Cedar decking
  3. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking
  4. Composite decking
  5. Hardwoods such as Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, and Mahogany 

All Weather Decks has a stellar reputation as being the most respected deck builder in the greater Kansas City area. Our name is built on quality craftsmanship and we’re proud of being a 23-time winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

These are the reasons why you can depend on us to build your outdoor living space using decking materials that surpass safety and quality control standards. After all, if your dream deck cannot withstand the tests of time, neither will we.   

If you’re ready to enjoy the quality and peace of mind that only All Weather Decks can deliver, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today! We’re eager to help you create the RIGHT deck at the RIGHT price!

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