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This is a common question, but once homeowners understand the incredible benefits of built-in seating, they can’t imagine having a deck without it.  

Discover the advantages of built-in deck seating!        

When your Kansas City deck design includes strategically placed stationary seating, you’ll experience enhanced enjoyment and unlimited convenience.   

Built-in benches are practical and convenient.  When your deck is constructed with attached benches, you’ll always have a place to relax.  This is especially true during the off season when your furniture is covered up and its cushions are in storage.  Plus, when you’re having a party, you’ll have enough seating to accommodate everyone! 

Built-in benches serve a dual purpose when they’re designed as rectangular boxes with hinged tops.  They’ll come in handy because now you have a safe place to store an umbrella, children’s toys, pool floats, gardening supplies, and anything else you want out of sight, but still easily accessible.           

Congregate around a campfire.  When you have built-in seating around the fire pit on your dream deck, everyone will stay warm and cozy late into the night.  

Pony up to the bar!  When an outdoor kitchen with a breakfast bar is part of your Kansas City deck design, you can enjoy chatting with family and friends while you’re cooking.  Plus, your company will love being seated where all the delicious action is happening.      

Create your very own spa resort.  If you’re dreaming of a deck with a spa beneath a pergola, don’t forget to imagine it with built-in seating.  Not only will you have a spot to chill while you’re drying off, the stationary seating conserves space and creates a relaxing ambiance that will melt your stress away.

Merge your deck and garden.  Stone masonry sitting walls will give you the best of both worlds!  You’ll love having a quiet spot to sit with your favorite drink while watching the birds and butterflies flitting around your flowers.

Built-in seating is always a smart addition to Kansas City deck designs!    

When you incorporate seating into your deck design, you’ll save money in the long run.  Patio furniture can carry a hefty price tag, and it doesn’t have a very long lifespan.  Replacing it every few years can put a dent in your wallet.  Plus, throwing away your old furniture adds to already stressed landfills.  When your outdoor living area has built-in seating, you stay ahead of the game.    

Another aspect to consider is how chairs take up precious space, which results in your deck feeling small and cramped.  When you have built-in seating, your outdoor living area will always be spacious and inviting.  

If you’re ready to enjoy the ultimate dream deck, we’re ready to apply expert care to design one that includes all the simple luxuries, so your outdoor retreat will be in a class all its own.  Every deck design can include seating, but it’s important to consider a variety of plans, which we are happy to present and discuss.  We will only move ahead with construction once we know you feel confident with the intended results. 

If you’re ready to increase the worth and splendor of your home by adding a deck with unparalleled distinction, give us a call at 913-206-1974 or contact us online today!  We’re the most respected deck builders in Kansas City and are eager to help you create the RIGHT Deck at the RIGHT price!

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